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Welcome to the Site

First of all, thank you for taking the time to browse around this Dalek information site. It is hoped that this site offers a valuable resource to anyone interested in the Daleks, or indeed, the universe of Doctor Who at large. The site is part one of a two part project. The second part is the creation of a printable version of the site's content. The printable version of the information will be made available on this site as a downloadable pdf file once a stable point is reached. As with the web site, this file will be updated as more Dalek related information comes to light.

For more information about the content of the site and the conjectures and rationalisations that form the basis of this content, please check the Site Overview and Site Wide Assumptions pages of the site.

If you have any questions or comments to make, then a feedback form is located in the Miscellania of the Daleks section.

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  • Introduction of the Daleks - Provides an overview of Doctor Who, the Daleks and the contents and conjectures of this very site.
  • Home of the Daleks - Describes some of the key locations used as bases by the Dalek Empire.
  • Generations of the Daleks - Describes the various generations that form the basis for the history of the Daleks presented in this guide.
  • Designs of the Daleks - Contains information about the various Dalek casings and other travel devices.
  • History of the Daleks - The meat of the site, this section provides a rational time-line of the Dalek race as presented in the various Doctor Who media.
  • Miscellania of the Daleks - Contact information, links, downloads and more can be found within this section.
Section Summaries