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Hello and welcome to this little corner of the World Wide Web. Contained in these pages you will find some information about me, myself and indeed I. The site aims to provide an overview of my interests, work experience, including a Curriculum Vitae (or resumé) and some samples of my web-design, graphic design and artwork. I say artwork there, which is probably a bit optimistic. Usually I'd go with "drawings" or "doodlings" but they probably don't sound so grand and impressive.

This site is produced as part of my WedgeDoc Network. This is a (rather grand) term for all the sites I design and upload to the world wide web. Usually these will be located on the wedgedoc.com domain, but possibly not all will. The idea is to provide a consistent and easy way of viewing my sites. Each site on the network will include the banner seen at the top of this page (it's got the little icon and a breadcrumb of links) which can be used to backtrack through sections in a site or to jump to the Network Portal which contains links to all the network sites.

To find me elsewhere on the Interwebs, check out the links page or feel free to get in touch, via the contact page. If you would like to delve more into the depths of my mind, then head on over to my blog, WedgeDoc-umented into which I infrequently unload my thoughts.

That's enough of a pre-amble, I think. I shall leave you to browse the site at your leisure. I hope you enjoy the content.

Me on a rare sunny day on Anglesey
Me on a rare sunny day on Anglesey


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