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Date: 06 Jun 2012

Venue: Rufford Abbey Mill

Ceremony: 11:45 AM

Reception: 19:00 PM

Amy & Antony's Wedding - Venue

Rufford Abbey Mill, Nottinghamshire

The entire day will be spent in the fabulous environs of Rufford Abbey. The ceremony, wedding breakfast and reception will take place in the Talbot Suite of the Abbey's old Mill building - situated right on the waterfront.

In between the ceremony, meal and reception, guests are free to wander the Abbey grounds, which are expansive and offer ample locations for rest or enjoying the weather. Additionally, Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre and the Major Oak is located just three miles away and also offers distraction to guests.

Rufford Abbey Mill - view from across the lake

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Rufford Abbey Country Park
NG22 9DF

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01623 821338

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Rufford Abbey Main Location

Rufford Abbey Mill Location

Rufford Abbey Grounds

Sherwood Forest Park

Sherwood Forest Park Map (Robin Hood Festival)

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