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Designs of the Daleks - Overview

The aim of this section is to demonstrate the variety of designs that the Daleks have utilised over the course of their history. This includes standard Dalek Travel Machines, Special Weapon casings, casings used by the Dalek leadership, and the transportation technology that the Daleks have been seen to use over the course of their history. Each design lists the Generations that were known to utilise that design. Each of those categories has its own section.

Each design's listing includes the source. This lists any key sightings (no claims are made that this is a comprehensive list!) for that design. In some cases, the sightings may be from Audio or non-graphical print sources, in which case the author has produced what is considered to be a logical design based on the information provided and the Dalek designs that have been seen in more visual media. In other cases, the designs are purely conjecture by the author. Where this is the case, the Source will contain the word "Conjecture" and a brief explanation of the logic behind this representation of a design.

As an aside, it seems that this is a good place to note an element of The Daleks that it seems impossible to rationalise based on the evidence presented on screen or in the novelisation. This is the part when Ian Chesterton climbs into the Mark Two casing after he and the Doctor have removed the Dalek creature in the story known as "The Daleks". Given the amount of technology required to run such a life support unit – how did Ian manage to fit inside?

Dalek Designs
Dalek Designs