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Generations of the Daleks - Overview

This section outlines a key concept that forms the basis of the theory of Dalek history and design aesthetics throughout time that is presented on this web site. The theory revolves around there being several distinct "generations" of Daleks through the time periods seen so far in the Dalek stories considered canonical.

One of the main reasons for this rationale is to explain and rationalise the two origin stories that the Daleks have been given during the course of the series – one of the main bones of contentions fans have about the development of the race. In addition, it is felt that this division of the Dalek race into generations helps to discern a coherent course of Dalek history.

This theory also helps to consolidate the hierarchy of the Daleks at various points and also explains the more major Dalek casing redesigns – notably between The Dalek Invasion Of Earth and The Chase and between Remembrance of the Daleks and Dalek. The following list summarises the Generational theory. For more information about each generation - follow the links on the left.

Five Generations of Dalek
Five Generations of Dalek