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History of the Daleks - Overview

Creating a rational, logical and satisfactory history of the Dalek race is no easy task. Several published attempts have been made, either as specific Dalek histories or in attempts to create a general history of the Doctor Who universe. Back when the series began, there were no video recorders and very rarely did the BBC repeat programs. As a drama serial whose episodes would be seen once by the viewing public, little regard was given for maintaining continuity. Later on in the series' run, it became overly continuity heavy which proved to be detrimental at times to the show's success. The over-riding goal of such a television series is to entertain and this should always be the primary concern.

In addition to the "official" histories, a number of fans and interested parties have attempted to rationalise the Dalek stories into a consistent chronology. In preparing this history, as many attempts as could be obtained have been examined for consistency and logic, as well as reasons for the variation seen within them.

Important Note

This section of the site is currently being worked on as the author finds time to research and write each block of the race's history. In this first version of the site, only the conventions and a general summary of the Dalek time line is presented. The next update will include all events up to and including Genesis of the Daleks.

Following that, the third update will include the history of the First Dalek Empire which ended following the events of Evil of the Daleks.