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Gallery - Unseen Shadows

Unseen Shadows is a transmedia project that spawned from the self-published novel, Fallen Heroes by Barry Nugent. Since 2009, I've been involved on the periphery, compiling cover elements for editions of the novel, audio books and plays and comic anthologies. I have also put together several pages of "back matter" material for the comic anthologies and designed one of the story's cover.

Unseen Shadows Logo
Fallen Heroes Book Cover
Icarus Foundation Logo
Fallen Heroes Advert
Fight or Flight Cover
Fallen Heroes Audio Book Case
Tales of the Fallen Cover
Fight or Flight Credits
Tales of the Fallen Back Matter Page 1
Tales of the Forgotten Legal Page
Tales of the Fallen Back Matter Page 2
Whispers of the Righteous Cover
Empire of Blood Audio CD Casing
Tales of the Fallen Back Matter Page 3
Tales of the Forgotten Cover
Batten Press Logo
Whispers of the Righteous Back Matter