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The Geek Syndicate - News, reviews, features & podcasts
The Geek Syndicate - News, reviews, features & podcasts

In 2008, I started work in the University of Northampton where I was introduced by my then other half to one of the Geek Syndicate guys. Back then, the Syndicate was pretty much Barry Nugent and David Monteith, though they ran a great community forum and had a sister podcast on the go.

Since those days, the Geek Syndicate has grown exponentially. On one hand, the group hosts a number of varied podcasts, centered around the "geek" genres and on the other, the web site has become a true information hub, containing reviews, previews, news and standalone features.

A Helping Hand ...

David Monteith, Myself and Barry Nugent.
(Left to Right) David Monteith, Myself, Barry Nugent.

In 2008, I was a member of the forum. I entered and won (to this day, I am unsure of how many entries were submitted) a competition to design a logo / banner for what was then the UK Comics Podcast Group. Shortly after this was used in promotional material at the Birmingham International Comics Expo, Barry decided he wanted to relaunch the Syndicate's website as being a place where people would come for news and reviews as well as to get the podcast. I offered to help and became one of the first reporters for the site. Additionally, I helped Barry tweak the style of the site and have had input into the look and feel of it since then.

Over the years, my involvement has grown and I am now (pretty much) the main Doctor Who news reporter and reviewer as well as being the site's unofficial designer - tweaking the styles every now and then, discussing changes with the editors and indeed being a site editor myself. Though I take less of a role in the editing of the content than I do the look and feel of the site itself.

And a Helping Voice ...

I am also a podcaster, thanks to Barry. I think it was back in 2010 when he first asked me if I would like to co-host the Network's gaming podcast, The Next Level with him and Amaechi Oduah. I reluctantly agreed, thinking I would be a bit dull, but three years later I am still at it.

On top of that, I was / am (it's complicated) the co-host of a Doctor Who podcast, Time Lore Addendum which is the sister to a podcast where the hosts watch each season of Doctor Who from 1963 onwards in turn. Addendum is a supplement where myself and David Monteith discuss some of the Big Finish audio adventures set around the episodes discussed in the main podcast. More recently, I was asked to guest on the Dissecting Worlds Social Science podcast as a guest expert on the subject of Robin Hood. This was a great experience and I highly recommend you check out the series as it's genuinely thought provoking, even about subjects for which you may have no obvious interest.

The Digital Magazine

Geek Syndicate Magazine - Issue 6 cover.
Geek Syndicate Magazine Issue 6 (PDF - 30MB)

Towards the tail end of 2011, Barry approached me with the idea of producing a free, downloadable digital magazine which would contain original content written by the GS team as well as featuring some interviews and reviews from the site. Together, we put together the first issue of Geek Syndicate magazine in time for release before the 2012 SFX Weekender convention. Barry and myself are the editors of the magazine - Barry being the main content editor in terms of deciding what to include each quarter. From there, I receive submissions, edit them, find images to go along with the articles and produce the magazine itself.

Having the software to hand, I am also the designer of the magazine, deciding on the look and feel of the magazine as a whole (with consultation with Barry, obviously). On top of managing the content, I have had the pleasure of creating most of the covers for the magazines - Issues 3 and 6 I am particularly proud of.

The magazine is growing from strength to strength in terms of both overall design and (more imporantly) the content within it. It is an accomplishment I am truly proud of and I hope you will take the time to check out an issue or two if you have not done so already. I have made issue 6 available from is picture here, but please check out the magazine either online at issuu or as a pdf from the Geek Syndicate website.


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