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Generation 00 - Pre-Dalek Skaro: Overview

Generation 00 relates to the time before the Daleks were created at the end of the millennium long Neutronic War between the Thal and Kaled peoples. This generation encompasses the whole history of Skaro up to this point, from its creation, through the evolution of plant and animal life right up to the rise and fall of its native civilizations. Life on Skaro evolved along seemingly similar lines to that of Earth – though with more variety – and a number of distinct humanoid races inhabited the planet for a long period of its history. This section provides an outline of these races as can be gleaned from the various sources that refer to them. Some of the references to pre-Dalek Skaro were fleeting at the best. As a result of this, the author has had to speculate in a logical manner to provide a more thorough accounting.

  • Known As: Not Applicable
  • Screen Appearances: Genesis of the Daleks
  • Print Appearances: The Dalek Chronicles
  • Audio Appearances: I, Davros Episodes 01-04, Davros (Flashbacks)
Generation Summary