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The Kembel Base - Master Plans

Intergalactic Gazetteer

By the beginning of the fifth millennium, Earth's influence had spread beyond the Mutter's Spiral Galaxy. The Daleks had not been seen in Earth'ls sphere of influence for almost a millennium, but they were still considered a major threat. At the edge of Earth space, the planet Kembel became the focus of a Dalek plot to conquer the Earth Empire. Kembel was a remote planet in a particularly barren region of space. Its out of the way location and hostile wildlife made it un-economical for colonisation. For the Daleks' purposes however it proved to be an ideal staging area and meeting point.

Native Life

Primarily a heavily forested and jungle planet, Kembel could not be more different from devastated Skaro. The Daleks brought their own bio-engineered Varga plants as an extra security measure. The area around the Dalek base soon became void of native land predators – the Vargas were virulent and became the dominant predator. Avian creatures stayed in the area, careful not to venture to the ground.

Geography & History

Little is known about the jungle world’s past and there was no evidence of any advanced sentient life form having been present on the planet prior to the Daleks’ arrival. The inhospitable climate and dense jungles served to deter any potential colonists and the planet was left untouched by outside forces.

Partly due to this lack of an established civilisation and partly due to its location between the Dalek and Earth Empires, Kembel proved to be the perfect staging ground for the Dalek Alliance. To prepare the planet for the arrival of the delegates, the Daleks first bombarded areas of the planet from orbit to clear landing and construction zones. Facilities such as a small starport and numerous listening posts were built and the planet was seeded with Varga plants.

The Alliance met and formulated their plans for invading the Earth Empire. An unlikely member of the group of delegates was Mavic Chen, Earth's Guardian of the Solar System, who brought forth enough taranium to complete the Daleks new weapon – the Time Destructor. This element was promptly stolen and elements of the Dalek task force left the planet in pursuit of the thieves. Finally, the Daleks returned having successfully retrieved the vital component and the weapon was completed.

In the chaos caused by Chen's demands to be placed in control of the Daleks, the Destructor was activated on a low power setting. The resulting outpouring of Time energy resulted in the complete destruction of all life on Kembel. The once green world became a dead cinder in space – once more to be ignored by the universe at large.

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The jungles of Kembel
The jungles of Kembel
Dalek base on Kembel
Dalek base on Kembel
Dalek Alliance Council Room
Dalek Alliance Council Room