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Generation 09 - The New Paradigm: Paradigm Daleks

Five Paradigm Daleks were created by the Progenitor Device, each conditioned to fulfil a specific role within the new Dalek Empire. The new Empire would consist of a caste system that varied from previous generation. The White Daleks would become the new leaders of the Empire – maintaining the "Supreme" title of their forebears. The other castes were: Strategist (Blue casing), Scientist (Orange casing), Drone (Red casing) and Eternal (Yellow casing).

The Strategists would serve beneath the Supreme as generals of the armies and projects. Scientists and Drones were the equivalent of those castes from previous generations. It was unclear what role the Eternal Dalek assumed under the new Empire.

  • Known As: Dalek Empire
  • Screen Appearances: Victory of the Daleks, The Pandorica Opens, The Big Bang
  • Print Appearances: The Only Good Dalek
  • Audio Appearances: None
Generation Summary
The Dalek Supreme
The Dalek Supreme