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Site Overview

This site aims to provide an overview of the Dalek race. Contained within these pages is a wealth of Dalek lore compiled and rationalised by the author in order to produce a somewhat coherent account of the Dalek race. The document focuses on the history and development of the Dalek race within the fictional universe of Doctor Who.

In order to compile the information in this site, a number of assumptions, rationalisations and conjectures have been made. The key assumptions are detailed on these pages and others will be detailed during the general discussions. There have been a number of attempts to produce a definitive time-line for the Dalek race over the years – both in published works and on the World Wide Web. It is the opinion of this author that each of these are worthy of study for their own merits and should be sought by those who are truly interested in this subject.

The information contained in this document is the result of a large amount of research into other Dalek theories in addition to repeated viewing / reading / listening of the main source materials. Where possible, these sources are referenced in the Miscellania section of the site. This document provides the author's own discussion, rationalisations and conclusions of this most controversial of topics. As the Doctor stated in his eighth incarnation:

"My Dalek History has always been a bit rusty. It wouldn't be so bad if it didn't keep changing all the time."

-- The Doctor, Alien Bodies by Lawrence Miles (p 138)

Having reviewed various sources, it is the opinion of the author that the rationale presented on this site succeeds in portraying a believable account of Dalek history and development. Debate and discussion of the theories and concepts presented here are actively encouraged. As with our real world, acceptance of historical events shifts as new evidence is uncovered and new theories are presented. It is the author's firm hope that this web site be treated as a jumping off point for future works that discuss elements of the Doctor Who universe.

Imperial Dalek
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