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Downloads of the Daleks

This page contains a number of downloads for your pleasure. Most documents are presented in Adobe PDF format. To view this document, you will need a viewer, such as Adobe's Adobe Reader. A number of files are also available as collections in compressed zip files. These can be opened natively in some operating systems. A program such as 7zip can also be used.

Image files are all provided in JPG format. More images, including presentations of individual Dalek designs and colour schemes can be found over in the Doctor Who section of my corner of DeviantArt.

An Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to the Daleks

These documents are "book" versions of the information presented on this site in one tome. These versions are slightly expanded from the information presented here.

Dalek Hierarchy Sheets

These documents contain the hierarchy for each generation of Dalek discussed on this web site. These were produced by myself, using Adobe Flash and Adobe Photoshop. The compiled versions were produced with Adobe InDesign.

Dalek Design Sheets

These files contain my own renderings (produced using vector line art in Adobe Flash and coloured in Adobe Photoshop as used in the design section of this web site.

Dalek Lego Plans

Around twenty-odd years ago, back in my teenage years, I made som Doctor Who themed LEGO models. The following are plans to make different Dalek variants. Some of these are new, based upon the designs presented on this web site. They were put together in Adobe Photoshop. The compiled versions were produced with Adobe InDesign

These Daleks are actually a large (particularly their length) compared to Lego minifigs, but I still like them!

Dalek Hierarchy Sheet
Dalek Hierarchy Sheet
Dalek Design Sheet
Dalek Design Sheet
Dalek Lego Plan
Dalek Lego Plan