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Glossary of the Daleks (A-M)

The following is a glossary of terms used within this web site and the wider realms of the Dalek Empire. The glossary consists of three elements, the term used, the explanation of the term and the first known occurance of the term within the Dalek stories. The format of each entry is:

Term – Explanation of the term. (First Known Use of the Term – Media).

Bonded Polycarbide – The type of material used in the construction of Dalek Travel Machines and other technology. See also DALEKANIUM. (Remembrance of the Daleks – TV)

Bringer of Darkness, The – See KA FARQ GATRI and DOCTOR, THE (Remembrance of the Daleks – Novelisation)

Crucible, The – A giant constructed craft used as a base of operations by DAVROS and his new DALEKs during the Reality Project. Heart and power source of the REALITY BOMB. (The Stolen Earth – TV)

Cult of Skaro – A secret organisation of augmented DALEKS established by the DALEK EMPEROR to help achieve victory in the TIME WAR. The majority of the DALEK race were not made aware of the cult, whose members were augmented to allow for free thinking – allowing them to think like their TIME LORD opponents. (Army of Ghosts – TV)

Dal – A humanoid race originating on the planet Skaro. Thought extinct, the survivors of this race mutate and ultimately become the progenitors of the Second Generation of Daleks (The Daleks – TV)

Dalek – Extra terrestrial life-forms, mutated and engineered into fanatical lifeforms bent on universal domination. The Dalek mutant is encased within a travel machine. Originally from the planet SKARO, the original Daleks are the remains of the KALED race, engineered by DAVROS. The name "Dalek" originates from the ancient DAL term for "God-being". (The Daleks – TV)

Dalekanium – The material used as the main element in Dalek construction and design. A type of BONDED-POLYCARBIDE, it is inherently versatile and durable. In an earlier state of refinement, the material is highly explosive. (Dalek Invasion of Earth – TV)

Dalek Duplicant – advanced robotic creations of the Daleks, these duplicants mimick the physical and mental characteristics of a target subject. The duplicants are almost undetectable as being Dalek constructions. Used for subversion tactics by the DALEK EMPIRE. (The Chase – TV)

Dalek Emperor – The supreme ruler of the DALEKS. A number of Emperors have been witnessed over the course of Dalek history. Usually this is a highly developed, cunning and ruthless creature of vast intellect. The Emperor is distinguished from its underlings by a uniquely designed casing. (Evil of the Daleks – TV)

Dalek Prime – The first true DALEK created by DAVROS during the final days of the THAL-KALED NEUTRONIC WAR. The Dalek Prime rose to become the leader of the DALEKs, enhancing itself beyond its underlings. Distinguished by a unique travel machine casing, the Dalek Prime evolved into a DALEK EMPEROR. (The Official Doctor Who and the Daleks Book – Reference Book)

Dalek Supreme – High ranking DALEK within the empire. Usually encased in gold or black travel machine. Dalek Supremes are found in charge of critical operations, such as the invasion of Earth in 2157. Often referred to as The Dalek Supreme, leading to a misconception that there is only one and that it is the leader of the Dalek Empire. (The Dalek Invasion of Earth – TV)

Davros – A Brilliant scientist and the finest mind the KALED race ever produced. As a young man, Davros became interested in the process of evolution. Having few ethics, Davros was happy to expermiment on his own kind, including his private tutor. After a spell in the research division of the military, Davros entered the Science Elite and began researching the final evolutionary of the KALEDs that would result from the high levels of radiation and pollution in SKARO's atmosphere. These experiments led to the creation of the Mark Three Travel Machine and its occupant – the DALEK mutant. (Genesis of the Daleks – TV)

Destroyer of Worlds, The – See KA FARQ GATRI and The DOCTOR (Remembrance of the Daleks – Novelisation)

Doctor, The – Arch enemy of the DALEKs. The Doctor is an agent of the Time Lords who seeks to thwart the DALEK empire at every turn. A principle player in the TIME WAR and in the events that led up to it. See also KA FARAQ GATRI. (An Unearthly Child – TV)

Eret-Mensaiki Ska – Translates as the Destiny of Stars. Name given to the Flagship of the Imperial Dalek Faction's Flagship. (Remembrance of the Daleks – Novelisation)

Genesis Ark – TIME LORD prison ship which held over ten million Daleks that had been captured during the TIME WAR. Liberated by the DALEKs and placed in the care of the CULT OF SKARO. (Doomsday – TV)

Hand of Omega, The – An immensely powerful Stellar Manipulator created by early Gallifreyans to harness the power of a Black Hole to power their Time Experiments. Led to the creation of Time Lord society. (Remembrance of the Daleks – TV)

Hoverbout – The colloquial Human name for DALEK TRANS-SOLAR DISCs. (The Dalek Chronicles – Comic)

Kaled – Humanoid race inhabiting the planet SKARO. Once philosophers and scholars, the Kaleds became embroiled in a thousand year war with the THALs. By its end they were ruled by the Military and Science Elites and were obsessed with racial purity and the extermination of the THALs. The planet’s level of irradiation and pollution initiated a process of mutation and the scientist DAVROS accelerated this process, creating the first DALEKs. (Genesis of the Daleks – TV)

Ka Faraq Gatri – Title given to The DOCTOR by the DALEK race. Translates as "The Bringer of Darkness" or "The Destroyer of Worlds". Interestingly this title is bestowed on the DOCTOR before SKARO's destruction, implying he has had a hand in other DALEK colony worlds being destroyed. (Remembrance of the Daleks – Novelisation)

Kill-Cruiser – Saucer shaped DALEK space craft. The Kill Cruiser is the most commonly seen ship in the DALEK empire. TIME WAR Kill-Cruisers each have around 2,250 DALEKs aboard. One of the most feared starships throughout history. (The Dalek Chronicles – Comic)