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Generation 00 - Pre-Dalek Skaro: The Kaled Race

Before the Thal aggression against the Dals, the Kaled people were primarily focussed on artistic and cultural development. In early times, the Kaleds lived alongside the Thals and integrated with them – there is evidence of inter-racial marriage. Presumably this open relationship between the Kaled and Thal peoples extended to the other cultures on the planet – a fact that is contrary to their later obsession with racial purity. This direct relationship ended with the Thal aggression against the Dals. In shocked and horrified response, the Kaleds withdrew their borders in an effort to distance themselves from the potential aggressors they now saw the Thals to be.

The massacre shocked the entire Kaled nation and a new focus – that of national defence began. The Kaled military suddenly became more than a glorified police force and both it and the scientific community began to rise in prominence as national defence programs were implemented and new technologies researched and developed to enhance their ability to defend themselves. By the time that contact became heated between the Kaled and Thal nations, the Kaleds had become as militaristic and racially focussed as their fellow Skarosians.

As the war with the Thals progressed, Kaled culture was divided into four castes: Political, Military, Scientific and Civilian. Each caste was ruled by an Elite and civilians were not limited from entering any of the other arenas. The nation was ruled by the Council of Twelve, headed by the chief councillor – known as the Supremo. It became a requirement that every citizen served time in the Military Youth before completing their education. Opinions about the war are split, some Kaleds viewing it as the very purpose of their people, others thinking it a travesty against civilization. Despite thes split reactions, the race was entirely focussed on ending the war and the extermination of the Thals seemed to be the only logical outcome if the Kaled race was to survive.

As ammunition became less available during the long war of attrition, Kaled research focused on biological and nuclear solutions and it is their weaponry that caused the majority of the damage to the planet’s surface and atmosphere. By the end of the war, racial purity became all important to the race, particularly since the rate of mutation in all the various life forms on the planet had dramatically increased by this point in the planet's history. A select few Kaleds accepted that mutation was inevitable and funding was allocated by the Council of Twelve to determine the final form that the race would adopt as a result of the accelerated mutation and to develop a means for the race's survival.

  • Known As: Not Applicable
  • Screen Appearances: Genesis of the Daleks
  • Print Appearances: The Dalek Chronicles
  • Audio Appearances: I, Davros Episodes 01-04, Davros (Flashbacks)
Generation Summary
Kaleds from late in the Neutronic War
Kaleds from late in the Neutronic War