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Generation 00 - Pre-Dalek Skaro: Kaled Mutations

The more successful results of Davros' experiments, these mutations were kept alive in special "embryo chambers" within the Scientific Elite's primary research bunker. It was considered that these mutants represented the ultimate form that the Kaled people would become as a result of the radiation and toxins that had been released into the planet's atmosphere and surface over the thousand years of the Thal-Kaled war. Whether or not this would have been the natural course of mutation or whether the outcome was forced by the nature of Davros' experiments ultimately became irrelevant. The involvement of Davros and the events of the last days of the war decided the fate of the Kaled people.

While these mutations were the basis of the Dalek race, it is interesting to note that the first successful attempt to integrate a mutant into a life support and travel machine took place on a mutated Thal spy. It is unknown how long this prototype survived in its primitive casing, however.

  • Known As: Not Applicable
  • Screen Appearances: Genesis of the Daleks
  • Print Appearances: The Dalek Chronicles
  • Audio Appearances: I, Davros Episodes 01-04, Davros (Flashbacks)
Generation Summary
Kaled Mutations in the Embryo Chamber
Kaled Mutations in the Embryo Chamber