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Generation 03 - The Imperial Dalek Faction: Dalek Slaves, Mercenaries & Allies

Like all Dalek generations, the Imperial Faction made use of other beings and technology to carry out tasks that are beneath the Daleks themselves. Agents were either willing accomplices to Davros' goals or controlled using technology based on the Roboman concept. The control used by the Imperial Faction was enhanced, and only a small ear chip was required to maintain contact with the agent. The agent was allowed an element of free-will where this did not have an adverse effect on the goals of the Daleks or their Emperor. These agents could be terminated at a moments notice by their controllers.

Most construction and maintenance work within the Imperial Faction was performed by automatons designed to Davros' exacting specifications. These came in many shapes and sizes depending on their individual purpose. For heavy duty work, the ever-present Slave workforce was available. In the early days, when building his forces in secret, Davros was willing to make allegiances with various parties in order to further his aims. These allies were soon subjugated and their assets seized by Davros to enhance his new Dalek Empire.

  • Known As: Dalek Empire, Dal Daleks, Mark Two Daleks
  • Screen Appearances: The Daleks, The Dalek Invasion of Earth, Power of the Daleks
  • Print Appearances: Legacy of the Daleks
  • Audio Appearances: The Mutant Phase
Generation Summary
A Human Roboman
A Human Roboman