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Generation 03 - The Imperial Dalek Faction: Dalek Drones

The fact that the original Daleks had been confounded by the Movellan Virus convinced Davros that an entirely new breed of Dalek Mutant needed to be created. As such, initial plans to subvert the existing Daleks to his will were rejected in favour of creating a whole new species of Dalek. Finding his way to the planet Necros, Davros began research using the nearly departed residents of Tranquil Repose. Those suitable were subjected to experimentation, mutation, genetic enhancement and psychological conditioning – the results being new and improved Dalek mutants. Originally encased in Standard Mark Three Travel Machines, these new Daleks were resplendent in Imperial colours of cream and gold.

Davros managed to construct an army of Imperial Daleks totally loyal to him. The mutants inside the casings were different to the original Daleks and thus seen as impure by the Daleks of the First Generation. This perception was the truth, as the Imperial Dalek Faction was populated by mutants derived from various genetic source materials – the very definition of Impure to the conditioned Daleks. Some time after the Hand of Omega destroyed Skaro, Davros created an army of Daleks on Earth from Human stock. His genetic genius enabled Davros to create a template that was universal, however and each Dalek in his Empire was virtually identical to the others despite the disparity of their various source materials. In addition, the ranks were swelled by a cloning programme – as with other Dalek generations.

The drones of the Third generation were not segregated into castes. Each Dalek had exactly the same genetic makeup and knowledge fed into their systems, allowing any Dalek to take on any role. The only apparent variations between Daleks of the Third Generation were in the casings to which the creatures were assigned. The Special Weapon units were led by the "Abomination". This creature was the first mutant to be encased in a Special Weapon Casing. Due to a flaw in the casing's design, it became increasingly irradiated and was driven insane. During an early conflict in the Dalek Civil War, it joined Davros' forces and ultimately led a number of other Special Weapon units, themselves encased in improved Special Weapon casings. In addition to Special Weapon casings and Mark Four Travel Machines, a Scout Casing was reported as being in service. This featured a wider base and enhanced motive and sensory power. The weapons system on this model was distinctly less powerful however.

  • Known As: Imperial Dalek Faction, White (Cream) Daleks (By Outsiders), Ven-Katri Davrett (By Generation One Daleks during civil war).
  • Screen Appearances: Revelation of the Daleks, Remembrance of the Daleks
  • Print Appearances: Up Among the Gods, Emperor of the Daleks
  • Audio Appearances: The Juggernauts, Terror Firma
Generation Summary
Imperial Dalek Drones on patrol
Imperial Dalek Drones on patrol