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Leadership Casings - City Emperor Casing

In Use By

Emperor Dalek – Generation 01 and Generation 04.


In order to more fully maintain an informed overview of Dalek activities accross the universe, the Dalek Prime (also known as the Dalek Emperor) ordered the construction of a unique casing. This would be plugged directly into the Dalek data-network in Skaro-City, allowing the Emperor instant communication and data-access.

This casing was static, so a system was established to allow the occupant to be moved safely into the mobile "Dalek Prime" casing. Following the destruction of Skaro-City at the hands of the humanized Daleks and the Ka Faraq Gatri, the Emperor initiated the development of an improved version of this casing. This was mobile and could plug into the Dalek network from any base or ship.


City Emperor Casing
City Emperor Casing

Towering over normal Dalek casings, the Emperor inhabited what was essentially a super-computer. Most of the inner workings of the casing were processors, memory banks and interfaces that enabled the Emperor to monitor the activities of the entire Dalek race. Enhanced Life Support systems were required to avoid over stressing the Emperor's biological functions.

Prior to the destruction of Skaro-City, this casing drew power directly from the city's own generators. B ecause of the direct connection to the city's generators and computer systems, the casing was immobile, secure at the heart of the capital of the empire. A hidden system allowed the Emperor to move itself back to the mobile Dalek Prime casing when required. While in the mobile casing, the Emperor became reliant on the reports of its inferiors.

Following the original casing's destruction during the attack by the humanised Daleks, the Emperor initiated the development of a new version of the city-bound casing. This version was smaller and more compact and contained an internal power generator with enough output to power the casing's life support and essential data gathering needs whilst also powering a motive unit that enabled the Emperor to travel whilst in this casing. The Emperor still utilised the Prime casing when it needed to travel further or quicker than the over-sized casing allowed.


Evil of the Daleks, Dalek Empire

The Heart of the Dalek Empire
The Heart of the Dalek Empire