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Leadership Casings - Imperial Faction Emperor Casing

In Use By

Emperor Dalek – Generation 03.


During the battle to take Skaro from the Loyalist Dalek faction, Davros' mobility chair became irrevocably damaged. Sliced in half, the casing's life support systems began to fail rapidly and the remains of Davros' organic form began to die and decay. Left temporarily without a leader, Davros' new army constructed a new casing for Davros – in the process removing the unnecessary and decaying parts of the humanoid form. The casing was based upon a design the scientist had been developing as a more protective casing for himself. It seems that the traumatic loss of the majority of his physical form led to a steady growth of two personalities within Davros' mind – the Davros persona and the Emperor persona.


Davros' Emperor Casing
Davros' Emperor Casing

The casing used by the Emperor of the Imperial Dalek Faction was an amalgamation of the design of the Mark One Travel Machine and the enhancements that had been made to Davros' mobility chair. The globe shaped dome at the top of the casing was altered from the basic Mark One design.

A visual sensor panel flat against the casing replaced the usual eye-stalk arrangement. This sensor fed data directly to a monitor screen on the reverse of the casing. Only two luminoscity dischargers were present, designed to match those on the Mark Four Travel Machine and giving a sense of cohesion between Emperor and subjects. The front hemisphere featured a sliding access panel that opened to reveal Davros' head to the outside world.

Two panels that would ordinarily house the connectors for arm attachments on a regular Mark One Travel Machine concealed mechanical claw "hands" that Davros used to manipulate the environment around him with precision. The lower half of the casing was identical to the lower portion of the Mark Four Travel Machine and was finished in the same cream and gold livery as the remainder of the Imperial Dalek Faction.

Behind the midsection were the primary life support systems and the nutrient feed that kept the scientist alive. An advanced computer and data management system was located beneath these, in the base unit. This plugged directly into the casing's power generator. Two of the casing's fifty-two sensor globes were retractable. From these locations, two data-ports emerged that allowed Davros to interface with any computer system, Dalek or otherwise.

The power source fed the life-support systems far more power than that of a regular Dalek. In part due to paranoia, and to ensure his own survival, Davros has installed a prototype force-field generator into this casing. This field required an exceedingly high amount of power to operate but the power could be redirected through to the casing's motive unit, enabling Davros to escape danger at a rate far in excess of any other casing. This casing had full levitation capability.


Remembrance of the Daleks, Terror Firma, War of the Daleks

The Emperor Dalek
The Emperor Dalek
Davros Revealed
Davros Revealed