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Generation 04 - The Second Empire: Dalek Slaves, Mercenaries & Allies

Slavery remained as important to the Dalek Empire as always. The native inhabitants of the Seriphia Galaxy were all subjugated by the Daleks and knew no other life. In the Dalek advance into Earth's sphere of influence, one slave became particularly important to the empire's advance. Susan Mendes explained to her captors the need for regular food and rest for the slave workforce. Given these, workers would remain efficient – particularly if they were given hope.

The Emperor Dalek "promoted" Susan and gave her an escort of subservient drones at all times. She travelled the conquered worlds of Earth's galaxy, spreading a message of hope to the other slaves and increasing productivity by a large margin. Acts of sabotage became increasingly less frequent as the 'Angel of Mercy' visited planet after planet. Her efforts to bring life and hope to the slaves of the Empire drew the attention of Earth's military command, which initially sent missions to try and assassinate her. All these were thwarted, and after a while, such attempts halted. No Dalek beneath the Emperor knew that this was because a hidden message of rebellion was being spread as Mendes toured.

  • Known As: The Dalek Empire, Second Dalek Empire (Historical Accounting), Great Dalek Empire (Historical Accounting).
  • Screen Appearances: None
  • Print Appearances: None
  • Audio Appearances: The Genocide Machine, The Apocalypse Element, Time of the Daleks, Dalek Empire 01, Dalek Empire 02, Dalek Empire 03, Dalek Empire 04, Return of the Daleks NB: Most of the Big Finish audio plays are from this generation – they will be added as I place in the timeline!
Generation Summary
Susan Mendes - The Angel of Mercy
Susan Mendes - The Angel of Mercy