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Generation 04 - The Second Empire: Dalek Drones

The standard Dalek drone of the Fourth Generation was virtually identical to its counterpart from the First Generation. The main difference was that the drones were enhanced with increased analytical capabilities. This enabled drones to operate more independently on the battlefield or in the laboratory if their superior had been eliminated. The Science / Military split within the ranks of drones was maintained during the Second Dalek Empire, each mutant being assigned to the relevant caste as it emerged from the embryo chambers scattered around the Empire. Due to the colonisation of the Seriphia Galaxy, there were billions more Dalek drones at any one time than there were during the time of the First Empire, providing an almost limitless Dalek force to carry out the Emperor's will.

Following the Civil War, racial purity became an even stronger part of the Dalek breeding process. The barriers between the castes were weakened by the knowledge that all Daleks are pure and that there was no division in thought or purpose. The Emperor'l;s will was the will of the empire – the drones were the tools with which the will is carried out. However, the Daleks were not above using non-Kaled genestock as raw material for new Drones. Advances in genetics meant that they could convert any genetic material into a pure Dalek genotype.

Due to advances in Dalek technology, the standard Special Weapon Dalek casing became a rare, but feared sight during the time of the Fourth Generation. Improvements in motive units have rendered the Spider casing obsolete, and the massive Strider was also phased out during this time. Standardization and improvement of the base Travel Machine become the hallmarks of the Second Dalek Empire. Psyche Daleks were no longer produced as high ranking Daleks were capable of controlling robotised slaves, duplicants and other controllable resources.

The Emperor maintained a group of Elite Guards with their black domes in his presence but the regular guard Dalek gradually phased out of service as more versatile regular Drones took up sentry roles in Dalek installations and fleets.

  • Known As: The Dalek Empire, Second Dalek Empire (Historical Accounting), Great Dalek Empire (Historical Accounting).
  • Screen Appearances: None
  • Print Appearances: None
  • Audio Appearances: The Genocide Machine, The Apocalypse Element, Time of the Daleks, Dalek Empire 01, Dalek Empire 02, Dalek Empire 03, Dalek Empire 04, Return of the Daleks NB: Most of the Big Finish audio plays are from this generation – they will be added as I place in the timeline!
Generation Summary
Dalek Drones on patrol
Dalek Drones on patrol