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Generation 04 - The Second Empire: Dalek Workers

The expansion of the Dalek race into the Seriphia galaxy saw the worker caste expand in size as a vast amount of labour intensive tasks were required to transform an entire galaxy into the Dalek image. Vast hordes of workers followed the spearheads across the galaxy. These worker drones remain unchanged from those of the First Generation, maintaining their smaller casing design and under-developed intellects. A number of Task Leaders were diverted into the expansion sector of the empire. These were given direct control of the Workers and the increasing numbers of automatons used in the construction of the Empire.

  • Known As: The Dalek Empire, Second Dalek Empire (Historical Accounting), Great Dalek Empire (Historical Accounting).
  • Screen Appearances: None
  • Print Appearances: None
  • Audio Appearances: The Genocide Machine, The Apocalypse Element, Time of the Daleks, Dalek Empire 01, Dalek Empire 02, Dalek Empire 03, Dalek Empire 04, Return of the Daleks NB: Most of the Big Finish audio plays are from this generation – they will be added as I place in the timeline!
Generation Summary