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Generation 08 - Dalek Caan & Davros

Escaping defeat at the hands of The Doctor in early 20th century Earth by use of an emergency temporal shunt, Dalek Caan managed to penetrate the time-lock surrounding the Last Great Time War. There, he found his way to Elyssium and rescued Davros from death at the moment the creator's flagship was destroyed. Caan managed to pilot the failing flagship to the Medusa Cascade from where new plans could be formed.

The journey through the Time Lock had unhinged Caan and he spoke in riddles. As Davros began the slow process of building a new race of Daleks, Caan prophesied a time of destruction when the soul of the Ka Faraq Gatri would be revealed and Davros would have victory over his most bitter foe. While Davros apparently respected Caan and his prophesies, the new Daleks all mistrusted him. Caan's casing was split open and chained to a dais in Davros' Vault.

By the time of the Last Great Time War, Davros had been restored to the condition he was in when he first created the Daleks. He was a crippled form: part cybernetic and bound to a newly constructed Mobility chair which echoed the design of the Mark Five travel machine.

The process of Davros' re-construction was unknown. It is possible that this body was cloned from surviving genetic material and his brain (or consciousness) transplanted into this new form. Whatever the truth, Davros led at least one fleet of ships but was lost only a year into the conflict.

At the moment that his command ship was lost to the Nightmare Child at the battle of Elyssium, Dalek Caan arrived and shunted the ship out of the War. Arriving in the Medussa Cascade, Davros' ship was damaged but with fully serviceable embryo chambers and factories. Fuelled by Caan's prophesies, Davros slowly and quietly began to rebuild the Dalek Empire from his own genetic material, cloning each new Dalek from a single cell of his own form. From the safety of the Cascade, Davros' new army grew in secret.

Ultimately, Davros became a virtual prisoner of the new Supreme Dalek. Despite this, it was clear that the creator was needed as it was he who developed the idea of the Reality Bomb and led the way with the development of the plan to utilise it.

  • Known As: Dalek Empire
  • Screen Appearances: The Stolen Earth, Journey's End
  • Print Appearances: None
  • Audio Appearances: None
Generation Summary
Dalek Caan - The Seer
Dalek Caan - The Seer
Davros - The Creator
Davros - The Creator