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Generation 08 - The Reality Project: Dalek Drones

The Dalek drones created by Davros were genetically different from the Daleks of the Time War. Each was created from a cell of Davros' own form rather than from the original Dalek genome created in the bunkers on Skaro. Davros constructed casings for his new Dalek race from the same specifications and materials as had been used before the Time War, with the same manipulator arms as their predecessors. A number of Drones were tasked with maintaining a close watch on Davros in the Vault. These were equipped with a different manipulator that was designed not only to interface with ship's systems but also to extract genetic material from Davros with which to create new Dalek units when required.

  • Known As: Dalek Empire
  • Screen Appearances: The Stolen Earth, Journey's End
  • Print Appearances: None
  • Audio Appearances: None
Generation Summary
A Vault Dalek
A Vault Dalek