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Generation 05 - Daleks of the Time War: Dalek Leadership

The Emperor at this time realised that a strong chain of command would be necessary to maintain order over the intellectually enhanced drones. To this effect, the previous hierarchy was maintained and loyalty to it was reinforced in the conditioning of the Dalek race as a whole. The Emperor was encased in a new, large but mobile casing that could be linked directly into the command network of his massive flagship, or into those of other Dalek Strongholds. The mutant itself could be clearly seen in its life-support module, allowing the Emperor to see those it addressed directly as well as through the massive, advanced technological eye stalk adorning its great dome section.

At the top level, Dalek Supremes were divided into two ranks - the first rank were encased in entirely black casings. The Casings of the lower rank Dalek Supreme were primarily black, with bronze sensor globes. In every other respect, their function in the empire remained the same as had been the case in the preceding Generations.

Beneath the Supreme ranks, Section Leaders were housed in casings that were red, with bronze sensor globes housed on the skirting. Black domed elite guards remained an ever-present part of the upper-ranks defences. As with every level of the Dalek Empire, each of the command levels was enhanced with increasing intelligence, better computer systems and increasing levels of independence. This independence only extended to furthering the Emperor's goals however.

The Emperor realised that in order to successfully wage war against the Time Lords, the Daleks would need a mind capable of independent thought and pure genius. To this end, Dalek science units are tasked with the construction of a new mobility chair based on current Dalek technology into which a clone of Davros could be placed. The mobility chair contained a number of failsafes and destruct mechanisms that were keyed directly to the Emperor. At the first sign of tampering, Davros would be exterminated once more. As it transpired, these failsafes were unnecessary as Davros was keen to see his creations assume their place as the supreme beings.

A year into the war, Davros' command cruiser was destroyed and the scientist was thought to have died. In order to maintain a level of creativity in the Dalek plans, the Emperor established a number of group that were autonomous to the normal command structure. These groups included the Cult of Skaro and the Eternity Circle.

Creating such groups of Daleks meant that the loss of one would not leave the Daleks as vulnerable as had the loss of Davros. Members were engineered beyond even the Dalek Supreme level of intelligence and true independent thought was given to them. This allowed them to think creatively and suggest strategies to the Emperor that would never otherwise be considered.

  • Known As: The Dalek Empire, Second Dalek Empire (Historical Accounting), Great Dalek Empire (Historical Accounting), Daleks of the Time War (Historical Accounting
  • Screen Appearances: Dalek, Army of Ghosts, Doomsday, Daleks in Manhattan, Evolution of the Daleks, Day of the Doctor
  • Print Appearances: I am a Dalek, Prisoner of the Daleks, Engines of War
  • Audio Appearances: None
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The Emperor Dalek
The Emperor Dalek
Dalek Section Leaders
Dalek Section Leaders