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Dalek Transport - Dalek Crucible

In Use By

Generation 08.


The Reality Project developed by Davros after his rescue from destruction during the Time War had at its focal point the massive space station known as the Crucible. This artificial world served as both the trigger for the Reality Bomb that would eliminate all universes and leave the Crucible and the Daleks the sole occupants of reality.


Dalek Crucible
Dalek Crucible

The Crucible was a planet-sized sphere that had six large prong-like structures that protruded from its equatorial region. These structures contained docking bays at their ends for numerous Dalek Kill-Cruisers.

Inside, the Crucible's d├ęcor was in the same fashion as the Kill Cruisers of the Time War Period. The Dalek Supreme commanded from a raised platform on the Crucible's bridge.

Beneath the Bridge, was the Vault where Davros and Dalek Caan were kept in apparent captivity. In addition, a number of human-sized holding cells were located on the Vault level.

The prime purpose of the Crucible was to act as a mobile command planet for the Dalek Empire once the universe had been re-created at the climax of the Reality Project. Additionally, it was the focus point and emitter for the Reality Bomb itself.


The Stolen Earth, Journey's End

Reality Bomb Emitter
Reality Bomb Emitter
Dalek Fleet Around Crucible
Dalek Fleet Around Crucible