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Dalek Transport - Imperial Mothership

In Use By

Generation 03.


When developing technologies for his new race of Daleks, Davros made a conscious decision to distance design aesthetics away from those used by what he saw as Renegade Daleks. This was partially scientific vanity – after all, how could the creations design a better vessel than the creator? The Imperial Mothership demonstrated this ethos suitably as it was about as far from the usual disc employed by the Daleks of the First Generation as could be envisiaged.


Imperial Mothership
Imperial Mothership

Designed to fulfil a similar role to the Kill Cruiser utilised by his original creations, the Imperial Mothership maintained a crew of around one-hundred and fifty (150) Dalek units. This crew was genetically and technologically enhanced to increase their efficiency in their role as ships crew, lessening their efficiency and use outside of the ships they control. The mothership also carried a complement of around one-thousand two-hundred and fifty (1,250) regular Dalek units.

The Imperial Mothership was heavily armed, armoured and shielded – comparable in armament to a Kill Cruiser of the same time period. The ship looked more ungainly, the smooth Saucer design giving way to a more boxy construction. This enabled the Mothership to be physically smaller than the ships of the enemy faction while still having an equal volume inside, thus lessening the target profile offered to enemies.


Remembrance of the Daleks, Emperor of the Daleks

The Bridge of the Mothership
The Bridge of the Mothership