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Dalek Transport - Gunbout

In Use By

Generation 01.


The Gunbout was the heavy duty fighter craft of the Dalek arsenal. Larger and more heavily armed than the standard Trans-solar Disc, the Gunbout was also slower and less manoeuvrable. The versatility of the smaller craft meant that it was a far more common sight than this heavier model. The Gunbout was only seen in heavily contested battle zones or where the extra fire power was deemed a necessity by Dalek Command.


Following a similar aesthetic to the smaller, unarmed Trans-solar disc, the Gunbout was primarily engine and armour. The Gunbout's hull was larger and more heavily armoured than that of the Trans-solar Disc, providing the Dalek pilot with more protection than the railing enclosure of the smaller disc. The armour was surrounded by a number of sensor globes, some of which were tasked with atmospheric data collection, others terrain negotiation and yet others target-recognition and acquisition. Within the outer disc, the pilot was plugged directly into the control mechanism of the vehicle. Only the upper half of the Dalek pilot was visible above the armour that surrounded it. The Gunbout could be operated by non-Dalek life-forms, suggesting that the controls were touch-sensitive rather than data-interface driven.

The Gunbout was armed with a blaster cannon that was more destructive than even the Special Weapon casing's over-powered armament. The added weight and additional drain on the power generator meant that the Gunbout was far slower and less manoeuvrable than its smaller counterpart. This model would usually be escorted to target zones by the smaller craft in order to protect the more cumbersome Gunbout from enemy firepower.


Abslom Daak: Dalek Killer.

Dalek Gunbout on Patrol
Dalek Gunbout on Patrol