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Dalek Transport - Dalek Death Wheel

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Generation 01.


The pinnacle of Dalek arrogance in their quest for death-dealing devices was the Death Wheel project. A small number of Death Wheels were built during the mid to late third millennium (Earth reckoning), each in a different sector of space, each utilising a different method of dealing death on a planetary scale. Despite their potential, the Death Wheel programme was abandoned when a number of design flaws were revealed.


Dalek Death Wheel
Dalek Death Wheel

In design, the Death Wheels resembled massive spinning tops. Each large enough to swallow an entire fleet of Kill Cruisers, the diameter of a Death Wheel was similar to that of a small moon. The command deck was situated at the top of the wheel, with a massive projector protruding from the lower plane. This was the Wheel's primary weapon, the emission from which varied from Wheel to Wheel. The Wheels were all capable of interstellar travel making them potentially the largest mobile death-dealing platforms ever created.

The Death Wheel constructed in the orbit of the planet Hell was armed with a lethal gas that was a natural resource of that planet. The Emperor Dalek (in his mobile Dalek Prime Casing) personally oversaw the construction of this Wheel which was ultimately destroyed before it completion through the intervention of the Ka Faraq Gatri and the Human Dalek Killer, Abslom Daak. The Emperor and a number of his aides avoided the Wheel's destruction and Daak was killed as the station exploded.


Abslom Daak: Dalek Killer

Death Wheel Under Construction
Death Wheel Under Construction