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Dalek Transport - Omega Unit

In Use By

Generation 01.


Saturation Bombing was a favoured tactic of Dalek field commanders. The Omega Unit was the primary method for deploying a vast variety of bombs, from incendiary through explosive to biological devices. Seen often during the early days of Dalek Campaigns, these bombers were devastating to planetary populations and structures alike, whittling away at the morale of the survivors to help speed the victory of Dalek forces on the battlefield.


The design of the Omega Unit broke away from the traditional disc shape utilised on the majority of Dalek transportation devices. The majority of the craft was taken up by a large, square bomb bay and power generator module located at the rear of the Omega Unit. Two engine Nacelles protruded from the left and right sides of this module, each containing a drive unit. Each nacelle had vertical stabilizer fins protruding above and below. The front third of the craft was arc shaped, the top of the arc's curve being the front end. This housed not only the pilot, which was located in a recess towards the front of the Omega Unit, but also the advanced computer and sensor equipment used by the pilot to acquire targeting data.

The craft was armed with two large energy cannons which pointed forwards from the front of the nacelles, each more powerful than the weapon systems of the Gunbout. These cannons had a fixed field of fire directly in front of the Omega Unit, as did the smaller energy weapon, located to the left of the pilot at the front of the craft. Each Omega Unit also carried up to 108 bomb devices in three tiers within the bomb bay. The payload of the Omega Unit varied according to the type of mission being undertaken.

The largest of the Daleks' fighter-scale craft, the Omega Unit was never-the-less a swift craft. It was not as manoeuvrable as the Gunbout, but its top speed in a straight line lay somewhere between that of the Gunbout and the Trans-solar Disc. This allowed the Omega Unit maximum efficiency in any bombing run undertaken.


Abslom Daak: Dalek Killer.

Omega Unit on a Bombing Run
Omega Unit on a Bombing Run